Priscilla A. Doel, Executive Director
"Let your life speak."

2802 Riverside Drive, Vassalboro, Maine 04989

207.314.4214 • priscilla at mainesafe.org

Interpreting and Translating

  • HIV/AIDS brochure in Spanish for Red Cross
  • ¿Necesitas ayuda? Do You Need Help? Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Services Maine Breast and Cervical Cancer Program
  • WIC Program brochure: Healthy eating.
  • In 1998 Maine SAFE was called upon to translate all documents related to the death of two Mexican migrant workers. To comply with regulations pertaining to the international shipment of human remains, documents such as death certificate, embalmer’s report, communicable disease report, etc. had to be completed within two days.


  • Rules of the Road for Industrial Logging Roads and Use of the MURS Radio System. The companies responsible for maintaining the roads in the Great Northern Woods asked Maine SAFE to translate these safety driving regulations into Spanish for the H2B van drivers (2007).
  • Maine SAFE provides interpreting and translating services in District and Superior Courts in Kennebec and Somerset Counties. Additionally Maine SAFE provides these services to attorneys as well as correctional facilities, representing Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Maine SAFE responds to emergency calls for interpreting from area hospitals, police departments, and homeless shelters.