Priscilla A. Doel, Executive Director
"Let your life speak."

2802 Riverside Drive, Vassalboro, Maine 04989

207.314.4214 • priscilla at mainesafe.org

Services We Provide

  • Coaching for success in new environments.
  • Instructing in Workplace Safety Training: First Aid, CPR, Prevention of Disease Transmission, HIV/AIDS. Maine SAFE is an authorized American Red Cross provider.
  • Teaching English to new Americans and visitors in individual and small group settings.
  • Providing safe driving tips and guidelines in Spanish (in progress).
  • Interpreting and translating in legal, medical, social service settings.
  • Making connections with legal, medical and social service programs.
  • Filling special requests for special services and needs.
  • Thinking creatively to get positive results.

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