Priscilla A. Doel, Executive Director
"Let your life speak."

2802 Riverside Drive, Vassalboro, Maine 04989

207.314.4214 • priscilla at mainesafe.org

Community Projects

  • Maine SAFE suggested and participated in the preparation of an arraignment process video in Spanish/English and collaborated with the Court on this project. We extended the project to include a parallel video in Canadian French/English.


  • Maine SAFE coordinated and participated in a panel on “ Cultural Awareness in the Court System” for All Court Employees Day (1999).
  • Worker’s Compensation Tri-Lingual Poster (English, Spanish, French). Very unique at the time of its inauguration was the tri-lingual poster, a collaborative project carried out by the Deputy Director of the Workers’ Compensation Board and the Executive Director of Maine SAFE.


  • Worker’s Compensation Regulations: After a tragic accident (1998), which resulted in the death of two forestry workers, Maine SAFE’s Executive Director urged the Workers Compensation Board to change discriminatory categories for survivor benefits as stated in the Regulations. When the Workers’ Compensation Board presented their recommended change to the Labor Committee, Maine SAFE spoke in favor of the change and urged the committee to make the changes retroactive to include the families of two forestry workers who had died in the accident, and who in effect had brought this discriminatory policy to light with their deaths.

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  • National Hispanic Leadership Summit – Washington, D.C.
    Priscilla Doel, invited by Senator Snowe’s Office, has been one of Maine’s representatives at the National Hispanic Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., 2005 and 2007.